• Shawn Kobb

2020 Award Eligible Works

2020 is the year I decided to really focus on my short fiction, and I'm very happy to have sold several stories. You don't write for the sake of an award, but being recognized is always nice. At the very least, I hope people enjoy the stories.

The following are all short stories, and I believe should be eligible for consideration for Hugo, Nebula, Shirley Jackson, World Fantasy, and Stoker awards.

The Green Lady - published in Rune Bear Weekly, July 2020 (horror)

Outcaste - published in Hybrid Fiction, July 2020 (sci-fi)

When You Needed Me Most - published in Novel Noctule, August 2020 (horror)

Sacrifice at White Lake - published in New Reader Magazine, September 2020 (dark fiction)

That should be all I have coming out in 2020, but I've already sold three that will be coming in 2021. I'm looking forward to a productive new year. Thanks for reading!



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