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City of Ghosts
A Mystery in Vienna​

VIENNA. A city of history and culture, where Mozart, Freud, and Beethoven once walked the streets. For American university student Jake Meyer, it is a chance to recover from a family tragedy he thought he left behind. Surrounded by the baroque palaces and charming squares of the city, he hopes to pull his life back together.

However, Jake quickly learns danger lurks in the most beautiful of places and his life takes a deadly turn when he provides a false alibi to a fellow student seen fleeing the murder scene of her ex-boyfriend.

When secrets from a forgotten war are unearthed, the mystery and body count start to pile up at Jake's feet. With only the help of a friendly American consular officer, can Jake survive long enough to prove his innocence to the police?

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Tower of Fools
A Mystery in Vienna​

A serial killer is preying upon students at the University of Vienna.

American exchange student Jake Meyer is more concerned about putting his life back together than the tabloid reports of a killer on the loose. After the tragic death of his friend earlier in the school year, Jake wants nothing more than to return to the life of a typical college student.

But when Jake’s study group decides to turn their class project into a profile of the murderer-at-large, they soon find themselves on the maniac’s hit list. Those closest to Jake quickly become pawns in a killer’s game, the rules of which are unknown.

With the help of an American consular officer and an Austrian detective, Jake must struggle to unravel the mystery before it is too late.

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A Rocket Malone sci-fi noir​

Disgraced ex-cop Rocket Malone makes a living collecting the memories of the rich. How does he do it? Simple. He cracks open their skulls and yanks out the implanted hardware. It pays the bills. At least, it would if he wasn't swimming in gambling debts.

Called to the scene of a grisly murder, Rocket runs into a small problem. His client's head is missing, along with the memories it contains. A beautiful woman, a mysterious foreigner, and an eccentric billionaire all believe Rocket can find the missing memories, and each is willing to pay dearly for the information.

Finding this dead man's memories just might be the solution to Rocket's problems.

And if Rocket can't find the missing head in time? The people who've hired him aren't the sort who take "no" for an answer.

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Terrifying Tales
13 Scary Stories for Children​

Turn down the lights. Grab a flashlight, pull the blankets over your head, and prepare for a night of reading the scariest stories around.

Just repeat to yourself, "It's only make believe."

And, whatever you do, make sure you keep the closet door closed.

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