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City of Ghosts

A Mystery in Vienna

VIENNA. A city of history and culture, where Mozart, Freud, and Beethoven once walked the streets. For American university student Jake Meyer, it is a chance to recover from a family tragedy he thought he left behind. Surrounded by the baroque palaces and charming squares of the city, he hopes to pull his life back together.

However, Jake quickly learns danger lurks in the most beautiful of places and his life takes a deadly turn when he provides a false alibi to a fellow student seen fleeing the murder scene of her ex-boyfriend.

When secrets from a forgotten war are unearthed, the mystery and body count start to pile up at Jake's feet. With only the help of a friendly American consular officer, can Jake survive long enough to prove his innocence to the police?

Fast-paced and full of adventure, City of Ghosts proves Kobb an excellent suspense writer.

The Foreign Service Journal - for City of Ghosts

Herein lies a seamless blending of hard-boiled crime, absolutely channeling the spirit of Raymond


Carver...tightly written, well-structured and totally entertaining

Raven Crime Reads - for Collection

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